Bringing the magic of Italian cooking into your home this holiday season

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Coastal Concierge just loves the idea of bringing your family and friends together this holiday season with an online cooking classes. Chiara and her grandmother, Nonna Nerina, love to cook. It’s a big part of their lives and they believe “it brings family together”.

Chiara loves being in the kitchen with Nonna Nerina making pasta. Her dream is for everyone to have the experience of an Italian grandma’s cooking while visiting Italy. She and Nonna Nerina began offering cooking classes and travelers from all over Italy came to take these classes.

Right before the COVID shut down in Italy, Chiara had the idea to teach these classes online so anyone could have this experience no matter where they lived. This was the beginning of “Nonna Live”, an online class where Chiara and Nonna Nerina brings the magic of Italian cooking right from Nonna’s kitchen in a small town outside of Rome, Italy.

Today, they offer live and on-demand virtual pasta-making classes that teach you the step-by-step method for pasta perfection. They have given thousands of classes from their kitchen at home.

Chiara’s dreams are coming true, but this incredibly bright, dynamic, charismatic woman is not stopping with Italy. She plans to create this concept with other cultures bringing grandmas from all over the world into our home.

Coastal Concierge took one of these online classes with friends during COVID and just fell in love with Chiara, her grandma, and the spectacular view from their kitchen window.

I recently travelled to this small village in Italy to meet the incredible creator and her Nonna and learn more about what they do. Wow! It was so much more than I expected. I was greeted with such warmth and immediately felt like part of the family! It was truly inspirational!

We made pasta in Nonna’s kitchen and then sat down with new friends to eat pasta and drink prosecco with family.

Coastal Concierge is offering a holiday package which includes an online class with Nonna, all material food needed including aprons, a festive table setting, and Prosecco.

We think there is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with the gift of an experience that brings your friends and family together as they do in Italy!

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