Personal Stylist Concierge

Let me take my 26 years of working for leading retailer J.Crew and bring that style to you. Whatever the occasion or look you want to create, I’ll help you to create it. Bringing all the style, attention to detail and creativity I have learned over the years into your closet. The quirky, relaxed and cool lifestyle of J.Crew is still very much a part of who I am and has become a part of my personal style.

If you need help decorating your home you call a decorator; why not do that for your style? Everyone has special talents and if creating your personal style does not come naturally, well let me help you.

Your life is busy, hectic, full and exciting and your personal style should reflect your most confident you. Your style is part of your “branding”. Everyone brands themselves; some do it better than others.

What you wear should make you feel good and give you confidence. When you feel good about what you are wearing it, you just feel better and more confident.

I’ll take a look at your lifestyle and find a look that you will feel good about. We can start with baby steps.

Style is an evolving process. Everyone woman must have the perfect black bag, pair of jeans, boots, white shirt and eyeglasses. Whether it’s the holidays, vacations, a day in the office, or just every day – I want to help you find your style. Whatever the occasion or season, don’t agonize over what to wear. Let us add a little glitter and sparkle to your look and get a few good staples. We’ll mix and match and make it FUN!

We can show you simple styling details

  • Learn how to wear a pair of ankle booties with jeans (I love to show a little ankle)
  • Realize one of the biggest wins to looking good is making sure your clothes fit
  • Follow the latest trends is fine but it needs to be right for your body type
  • Find hidden treasures in your closet (It’s so much fun)

 Here are a few easy tips you can follow when getting dressed:

  • A pop of color goes a long way
  • Accessories, accessories, and accessories
  • Mix it up by adding a pair of jeans with a bejeweled top

A Closet Edit

Coastal Concierge can be the ideal service if you have a closet full of clothes but don’t feel confident about putting looks together, find yourself saying ‘I have nothing to wear!’ or if you tend to wear the same thing over and over.

You need a fresh perspective, someone to go through your closet and create new looks out of the clothes you already own. Together we’ll go through your closet and decide what are keepers and what just cannot be saved.

After working with some of the most creative designers in the industry, I have learned the tricks and secrets that work for every day looks. It may be just what you need to give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone, just a little.

Getting dressed should be FUN!


We Love To Help!

Let Coastal Concierge help you find your personal fashion style. Call us at 631-599-1864 or contact us below.