Summer Dining With A Twist

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This summer we are dreaming of lobster bakes, beach dinners and bonfires!

Coastal Concierge can help you plan memorable evenings this summer. For us, summertime always means sunshine, fun, good food, and good friends. Our favorite ways to spend an evening are beach cocktails and dinners!

Summertime Grilling

Summer is the time where people love getting together, especially if there’s delicious food involved! At Coastal Concierge we “grill outside the box” with our “Summertime Grill”.  All prepping is done in our kitchen, so we barely go in yours. Our dinners combine the relaxed feeling of a typical grill with a chic twist.


Bonfires on the Beach (or in Your Backyard)

A perfect way to spend a summer evening is bundling up with your favorite sweater by a fire on the beach. What’s better than hearing the ocean waves and the crackling of a fire? This summer bonfire dinners is our absolute favorite thing!

FUN is always on our agenda!

Whether we’re making memories with smores or roasting hot dogs on an open flame, we just love planning bonfires on the beach!

A Traditional Seafood Bake

Once again this summer Coastal Concierge is thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Buoy One, where the clambakes are as traditional as you can get. A traditional seafood bake is a thing of beauty, a celebration of the flavors of the sea. While life at the beach can be so much fun, it goes by so fast, so relax and eat more lobster!

Picnics… bringing the indoors out!

Enjoying good food, the fresh air, and beautiful surroundings has certainly been a favorite way for friends to gather around in the summer!

Whatever way you choose to enjoy your summer days and nights, Coastal Concierge hopes you are making memories with the ones you love.

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