It was a very cold day in February. The kind of day you wished you could stay home, but so glad you didn’t. Coastal Concierge explored the beautiful village of Southampton in a way we have not done before, like a tourist!

The day started by meeting a friend who lives in Southampton at the Village Gourmet Cheese Shoppe, where we got an espresso to begin our journey.

As you know we “LOVE” to find new and old treasures we have not experienced.

A must see is Topiaire Flower Shop’s two rustic shops. Topiaire Flower Shop is so much more than flowers. It has witty quotes and vintage signs from fabulous people like Audrey Hepburn and the book The Velveteen Rabbit.

Suuthampton Topiaire Flower Shop Vintage Signs

Topiaire Flower Shop Vintage Signs

NEXT…Topiaire’s Candy Shoppe, where we purchased a little bag of “Angel Kisses”. It’s just the sweetest thing ever!

Coastal Concierge found a NEW love! It’s Topiaire Flower Shop’s personalized “Gifts in a Box”. You can pretty much put together any theme you like such as birthday girl, spa day, baby it’s cold outside, or our favorite the “Sunshine Box”. These boxes are put together so thoughtfully and colorfully. It will make a great house gift this summer.

Suuthampton Topiaire Flower Shop Gift Box

Topiaire Flower Shop Gift Box

As we continued to strolled down the street to our surprise we came across another sweet shoppe. It’s so different that we thought it’s OK to mention in the same story. The Candied Anchor is a 1950’s sweet shop with a modern sensibility, equal parts classic Americana and organic Bohemia. What we found noteworthy about the Candied Anchor, and such a delightful surprise, was that they offered homemade piñatas. Seriously! If you’re looking to add a unique twist to your party these piñatas for sure will do it!

Suuthampton Candied Anchor Custom Made Piñatas

Candied Anchor Custom Made Piñatas

Before lunch, being the dog lovers we are, we just had to stopped into Little Lucy Canine Couture Boutique. If you have a pampered pup this is surely the place to go!  Beautiful collars, sweaters and homemade, organic doggie treats. If you want a portrait of your pup, stop in and see the work they do!

Finally lunch!!! My favorite time of the day!  We strolled into Jobs Lane Gastro Pub. I don’t think either of us expected to enjoy our lunch so much. We cannot say enough yummy things. We started off by sharing a bowl of Italian Tomato Farro soup with melted cheese, a meal in itself. Then we shared SPIEDINI which may possibly be one of the most amazing things I have seriously ever tasted. It is sautéed mozzarella, Pomodoro w/capers, olives and sherry. Then we had the UMBRIA lentils, which included farro, fava, cannellini, baby kale & baby spinach with shaved pecorin. It was so delicious and tasty.

The server was friendly and helpful…just adorable!  I think the thing we loved the best was their music.

Southampton Jobs Lane Gastro Pub

Jobs Lane Gastro Pub Tomato Farro Soup with Melted Cheese

Even though we’ve been to Southampton many times, we found this to be such a unique day, where we talked with shoppe keepers and got to see a softer, sweeter more small town, local side to Southampton. We think Southampton in February is a MUST. It was such a GREAT day.