Celebrating the Change of Season

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Fall Favorite Traditions

Coastal Concierge just loves this time of year! 


The leaves are starting to turn, sunflowers are abundant at all the farm stands and the air is getting crisper, it’s just the perfect time of year to throw on your favorite sweater and get outside!


What would Fall be without a little apple picking? We always wondered if there was a right way to pick an apple? As it turns out there is! “Twist to the left, never pull off branches and leaves.”


Here’s how to pick the perfect apple: 

  • Apples ripen from the outside of the tree towards the trunk.
  • Look for apples that are firm with no nicks or bruises.
  • Grasp the apple with the palm of your hand, rather than your fingers. The pressure applied by using your fingers can cause the apple to bruise.
  • Don’t shake or bend the branches, which could make apples fall or break the branch.
  • Do not pick up apples that are already lying on the ground.
  • Never drop or throw apples into the bag. Place them gently, or they will bruise and go bad more quickly.

One of our favorite spots for apple picking is Breeze Hill Farms. If you have not been, it should be a MUST this Fall! 

Nestled into over 72 acres of sprawling apple orchards on the North Fork of Long Island, rests this exquisite farmhouse and charming farm stand.

One visit to Breeze Hill Farm and you will quickly realize why it’s one of Long Island’s most treasured destinations. Be sure to tell Ro, we sent you!

On To Another Fall Favorite…

The beautiful Northfork vineyards!! You don’t have to be a wine lover to enjoy a day on the Northfork and all that the vineyards have to offer. We would love to tell you about our favorite vineyards and to explore new ones.

Let us plan a memorable day for you, on the part of Long Island known as the sleepy, more laid-back part of Eastern Long Island.  


What could be more perfect than having lunch right at the entrance to one of the many spectacular vineyards we have to choose from?

Surprise your special someone with a prearranged private wine tasting and lunch for two; local sunflowers, wine, assorted cheeses, and fruits set right on the grounds of this hidden vineyard gem.

Or, let us organize a larger luncheon for any special occasion!  This is the perfect Fall setting for any occasion.


A New Love of Ours…

A guided, leisurely bike ride to our personally hand-picked vineyards. Each stop is picked based on your preferences and of course, our staff is hands-on to assist you as you pedal through the vineyards.


We strive to provide a unique, personal experience. We guide you through the many options and help you choose from some of the more popular vineyards to more of the remote and hidden treasures such as vineyards that specialize in sparkling or rose’ wines. You can tour the beautiful vineyards enjoying wines from educated sommeliers.


This Fall, spend a day with us exploring all the season and what the North fork has to offer.

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