Come Along This Summer With Tracy From Wise and Plenty

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Over the next few weeks Coastal Concierge and our finest food finder and chef, Tracy, will take you on her search for the freshest local foods in the Hamptons. She will give hints on how she prepares her healthy and yummy meals so you can do it yourself or let Coastal Concierge do it for you.  You can have these delicious meals delivered right to your doorstep.  Allowing you to spend more time enjoying the beach and family this summer.

“In my blog post I’ll take you along with me as I provision my own kitchen and source locally to prepare the meals that I make for my clients and customers. I’ll show you, what’s new, hidden gems and where certain items that I rely on can be found. “

Tracy’s first rule – start with the freshest ingredients!

Summer is the best and easiest time of the year to do this, and the key to easy meals, spur of the moment entertaining and stress-free cooking is to have these basic ingredients on hand at all times.

Some of the ingredients we will feature will be pantry staples and some are perishable items that need to be replenished from week to week.

Invest in all, and you’ll be set as we shop for the best our area has to offer.

So, shall we begin a tour of the East End of Long Island?

Let’s get started on a delicious summer!

Stay tuned for more from Tracy Slotkin as we move into summer in the Hamptons.

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