Oh, the summer sun, summer nights, and summer fun!

At Coastal Concierge we “grill outside the box” with our “Summertime Grille”!

Coastal Concierge just LOVES….bringing people together

Plan your next backyard event with us!

We do most of the prep work in our kitchen so we don’t need to be in yours. Choose from our specially styled “Summertime Grille” options.

Summer is the time of year where people love getting together… especially when there’s delicious food involved!

This year more than ever people are hosting small outdoor backyard gatherings… but hosting doesn’t mean doing the work yourself. Our team is ready to help!

Your barbecue can combine the relaxed feeling of a typical grill with a chic twist.

Dining alfresco can be the perfect date night!

How it works…

  • We do the shopping, prep, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Keep it simple, perfectly grilled meats & fish served with local vegetables and grains.
  • We arrange for an experienced private chef to come to your home.
  • Choose from one of our perfectly designed menus featuring only the freshest ingredients.
  • Of course, you can swap or add. We are happy to accommodate.
  • Here’s the thing…our menus are specially created using flavors that complement each other.
  •  If you need assistance with rentals or table decor just ask. We LOVE to help.
  • We can arrange servers, bartenders, babysitters and even entertainment.
  • Some of the prep work in our commercial kitchen, to not intrude and to keep our social distance.
  • Most of what we do is outside on your grill and not in your kitchen.

Choose from our specially styled “Summertime Grille” Menu’s or we can design one just for you!

• Down south BBQ
• Mediterranean sunset
• East by Northeast (Korean influenced)
• One if by land two if by sea
• Simply traditional

Coastal Concierge just loves to help make memorable summer experiences! While dinner out is always a great way to spend an evening, we can make dining in “Oh so FUN”!

Let’s talk add on’s…


Specialty drinks!

A children’s menu!

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