Coastal Concierge Explores Greenport Long Island

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It was a beautiful day in early fall and Coastal Concierge decided to go north for the day! I have come to realize the only way to see a quaint town like Greenport Long Island is to go with a friend who lives there and knows all the ins and outs of the town including the shopkeepers and old stories.

We started the day by meeting at Andy’s restaurant known for their buttermilk chicken thigh breaded twice with twelve herbs and spices. Wow, I have never seen such huge sandwiches all prepared so beautifully. Obsessed with the homemade pickle jar and the assortment of in-house and locally produced pickled vegetables, I took one home. Take a look at this corn!

Andy's Restaurant Greenport Long Island

Things to Do

After lunch, we started what I thought was going to be a short walk around the town. But by the time we finished, I understood the meaning of small town living. Greenport is all you can really want from a small town with its unique stores, friendly people, great restaurants, and charming cottages. I fell in love with the charm!  Bikes are readily available if you want to rent a bike to tour the town.

Greenport Long Island Bike Rental

My friend and I strolled in and out of stores. We visited local stores such as The Times Vintage where you can visit art, fashion, and furnishings from the past. While there, we came upon the North Fork ART Collective, where a group of local emerging artists are trying to bring together the efforts of their creativity. We were lucky enough to get to meet one of the artists Kara Hoblin and her dog.

Greenport Long Island Local Artists

At the very end of this town in Mitchell Park is the Greenport Carousel. Built around 1920, it has 36 antique horses (all jumpers) and 2 sleighs.

Greenport Long Island Carousel

Basso Cicchetti Greenport Long IslandAfter walking around, you may want to stop for a snack. Basso Cicchetti offers snack food with style. You can get cured meats and salami, rare imported cheeses, homemade roasted peppers, marinated long-stem Italian artichokes, olives and much, much more. All are served with crusty bread and combined in ways that bring new meaning to ‘small plates’.

I would suggest planning a weekend in Greenport Long Island. Be sure to take advantage of one of the many adorable bed and breakfasts such as The Sirens Song. Coastal Concierge loves to plan fall weekend events for couples, families, and groups. Come explore this adorable and memorable town with so much to do and see. Contact us today to plan your Greenport Long Island trip.

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