September is such a colorful month. All the colors seems so fresh and new. In our opinion the best time of year to host an outdoor dinner. There is still a warm breeze and the moon creates the perfect lighting.

Some of our hints for a great dinner include:

• Getting an early start to the evening. allowing your guests to enjoy the sunset. The moon seems to be brighter this time of year.
• Keeping it small and simple!
• Adding flowers that are in keeping with the season helps set the mood and make the occasion memorable. For tonight’s dinner we decided on Dahl’s. One of our fall favorites!
• Have the table set the way you want it before your guests arrive…the little details matter!
• Asking guests to bring their favorite dessert or wine.
• Having drinks ready to be served.

Outdoor Dinner Parties should be Stress-free.

Coastal Concierge invited the Little Miss Party group and a few other friends for dinner before everyone packed up and headed back to the city.

There is something so peaceful about this time of year. Not as much pressure or running around. It’s a time of year you can just relax and enjoy the evening with good friends.

While it is sad to see another summer pass, I am looking forward to the beach in the Fall; long walks, wine tasting at the vineyards, and cozy bonfires.

Seri and Laura in scout truck
Leave it to the Little Miss Party Team to show up in style, this international scout is my new obsession.


Bubblies, flowers, and an easy prepared meal was the way to go tonight. We wanted to pick a meal that could be easily prepared. Our goal a deliciously yummy dinner with minimum fuss! The evening is off to a great start.

I think having your guests help prepare simple parts of the meal makes it seem so much more enjoyable. Maggie helped toss the mixed greens, cranberries, walnut, and apple salad.




Seri, in only the way LMP can do, saw a few eggplants just sitting in a bowl. Grabbed a gold pen she just happened to have handy and she created the most adorable name tags for us all. She just inspires me!



Linguini and local clams from the bay were the main highlight for this dinner. (Full disclosure: we did not dig them up ourselves.) What could be better?

Dinner does not need to be complicated to be enjoyed. Remember, enjoying time with friends and family should be the goal for any mid-week dinner.

Making it Feel Inclusive

I was told not to worry about dessert—which is honestly the perfect thing a guest can do for me. Yes please, do bring your favorite dessert. Who would have ever expected this black and white master piece! Just stunning.


We watched the sun go down eating cake and sipping Prosecco on what was one of the last nights of summer. It was a great way to say good-bye to summer and welcome in autumn. Nothing is better than good food with friends in a beautiful setting.

Coastal Concierge is happy to help you plan a dinner party. Feel free to schedule an appointment. We just love planning small dinner parties.