Tips To Get Your Home Rent Ready

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Coastal Concierge can Help With Your To-Do List! Tips to get your Home Summer Rental Ready!

Coastal Concierge just loves to help you get your home ready for a summer rental!
For some, renting their home for the summer can be a great source of income.
That being said, it can seem like an overwhelming process but together we can make it go much smoother. There are a few tricks that will make the process much easier!

The Top 5 “Rental Ready” To-Do’s

Clean, Paint, De-Clutter

Make sure all stains, rugs, dents, marks, and any spots are cleaned/removed. If it does not bring joy, it should be removed. A fresh coat of paint. Best to clean the canvas first before making any big changes.

Update Cabinetry/Hardware

Bathroom/kitchen cabinets, fixtures or just replacing the knobs can go a long way. Bring an older home into a modern style.

Check Appliances

Check and update anything that needs to be fixed/replaced. Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Coffee maker, etc.  If need to buy new, do it!

Check Utilities 

Hire a professional to check electricity, A/C heating & plumbing.

Update Grounds

Address any landscaping and pool needs, the mailbox – any outside first impressions, and curb appeal.

Designate a place in your home: a basement, a garage, a place that will be off limits to your renters. This is your safe haven …

The place you can leave all of your things… clothes, and your treasures. It will ease the burden of packing everything up and getting it out of the house.

You don’t have to do it alone.. we are here to help!

We cannot say enough about how important freshening up your home can be! You don’t need to run out and hire a designer, just get someone in who can give you a fresh perspective, and to help you prepare your house. Maybe purchase new pillows, throws rugs and wall treatments. You would be surprised how this can freshen up your home at a very low cost. 

Coastal Concierge Can Help With Your To-Do List!

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Minimalist is best.
  • Anything broken should be thrown away.
  • Invest in smart furniture that is inexpensive, and stain resistant.
  • You will have strangers living in your home, no need to spend money on items that can easily be damaged.
  • Having a professional photographer come in to take pictures can really help give you the best advantage if you are promoting your home online.
  • Back yard furniture should have clean cushions, a big dining table, and a working BBQ.
  • Arrange to have your pool technician, lawn care company, and cleaning crew be wrapped into your lease. There are many reasons to do this.  The 2 most important are: they are working for you, doing things the way you want them done, and they are eyes and ears on your property and in your house that will be local and communicate back to you.
  • Have someone local like a Coastal Concierge Home Care Assistant be available to your tenant to answer questions and be the point person. Take it from us, this is a huge personal stress saver for you as the homeowner!!


  • Permits – will need to be applied for when renting your home, you should check out the local rental laws in your town. ( I can do some of this leg work if you would like)  
  • You may need documents such as: Floor Plans, Survey, Updated Certificate of Occupancy and more.
  • Check homeowner insurance coverage, to make sure it covers the home being a rental. 
  • A landlord insurance policy may be more aligned with your needs as it may offer coverage for liability on the property or damage by the tenant.

We are here to lend a helping hand, feel free to call us!

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