Let Us Help You With Your To-Do List!

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While Coastal Concierge just loves throwing a dinner party, putting together a beautiful charcuterie board, and helping you plan an excursion…

charcuterie board

We are here to assist with so much more. We know what you need most is help with all the tasks required to maintain a second home, allowing you to spend time enjoying and balancing all the “stuff” in your life. Especially now that so many of you are working from home,  it seems as if that honey-do-list keeps growing and growing and you have even less time to work on it. (Funny how that happens).


Honey- Do- List

It’s the little things that matter most!! Put together that list so Coastal Concierge can start checking it off for you this winter! When the warmer weather comes around, the list will be done and you will be able to enjoy your home as it is meant to be enjoyed.

What exactly is a “honey-do-list?!” It is a list of minor repair work and maintenance that needs to get done around the house, jobs that are normally too small to call someone in.

That is where Coastal Concierge comes in.

  • Need a curtain rod fixed?
  • A washer replaced on your dripping faucet?
  • A shelf hung, or a screen fixed?

Put it on the list and we will check each off one by one!


Do you need help with organizing your home?

Maybe just one closest, a kitchen or the kid’s bedrooms? Or how about some solutions to declutter your garage, bedroom, kitchen, and more?  Organization is the secret to a cleaner, better-functioning space, and we can give you tips to learn everything you need to know about organizing. For example: Consider who will be reaching for what? A label maker is your friend.


February is the perfect time to prep your home for summer!

Taking care of all the maintenance concerns in your home.

  • When was the last time you change the batteries in your smoke detectors?
  • Have you had your annual oil burner, air conditioner, and generator serviced?

Changed your air filters? Do you know this should be done 2x a year? We usually do this when you change the clocks.. a good reminder!

  • Do any of your rooms in your house need a fresh coat of paint? Paint can really change the feeling of any room.. We just love a pop of color…Yellow can scream summer sun or mix it up with a subtle stripe.
  • Cleaning out your gutters can prevent leaks and bigger issues later on
  • Time to schedule a window & screen cleaning!

Delivering Peace of mind is what we do best.

We take pride in giving you, Peace of Mind, knowing your home is being cared for giving you time to spend with the people you love! 


With Coastal Concierge house management “Peace of Mind” package we will care for your home when you are there or when you cannot be we can send you weekly monitoring reports!

We even water your plants!


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