The Magic of Home

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At Coastal Concierge we just love getting family and friends together for the holidays. It’s one of our favorite things to do! The Magic of Home. This year staying home for the holidays has a whole new meaning…..

Magic of Home

We are all looking for ways to reimagine the holiday…. Keeping traditions and to celebrate safely with our families!

Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a small gathering we know the main elements that can make your holidays be memorable and festive!


This year more than ever, we are loving warm fuzzy fabrics, cozy Christmas plaids, hot cocoa and footie pajamas!

Enjoying the warmth of your home and all the ones in it. After all, that is the truest meaning of this holiday season…


Everyone is trying to come up with ways to show their appreciation to coworkers, friends, and family.

We can help you plan it safely. …. Thinking out of the “box” is our specialty!


Coastal Concierge has put together what we think are 8 secrets to creating a memorable holiday~

A touch of Whimsical to your decor

Sparkling candles! Seasonal music!

A bountiful display of bites and treats!

These are just some of the secrets… Download our free Holiday Booklet.

Home for the Holiday

Happy Holidays!

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