An outdoor lobster bake with friends makes for a memorable evening in the early Fall.

Some say a traditional seafood bake is a thing of beauty, a celebration of the flavors of the sea. We could not agree more. We just love partnering with our friends at Buoy one, where the lobster bakes are as traditional as you get!  They include steamed lobsters, clams, shrimp, mussels corn on the cob, and potatoes roasted perfectly!

What a wonderful way to enjoy the warmer months while they are still around.

Few scenarios capture the feeling on the East End of Long Island like a classic lobster bake by the water.

When coastal concierge was asked to help plan an 80th birthday party, we were told simple, casual and fun!  Well, what screams coastal fun more than a classic lobster bake?

Is there anything better than delicious food and good company? We definitely don’t think so. It’s one of our favorite ways to spend an evening filled with family, friends, wine and lots of melted butter.

The table is where you can have some fun. That is if you want to!!
We chose dark navy table clothes with whimsical lobster napkins and classic sunflowers…  so simple and yet so pretty.

The bright sunshine of sunflowers really added that perfect pop of color…

Our staff fit right in with the navy and white shirts that have quickly become our signature this season!! We just love all the great feedback!

Fall in the Hamptons is our favorite time of year and what a perfect way to celebrate a new season, So soak it up and enjoy the food, company, and sunshine.

Thank you, Alexa Rae, for your incredible pictures. We just think you are amazing and so thankful to have found you.

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