As August starts to slip away, the summer heat will soon fade and flip flops will get pushed to the back of the closet. It feels like we will soon say goodbye to a good friend. Instead of succumbing to the end of summer blues, embrace what time is left.

Coastal Concierge can help plan memorable evenings this summer. For us, summertime means sun, fun, good food, and good friends. Here are our favorite ways to spend an evening.

Summertime Grilling

Summer is the time where people love getting together, especially if there’s delicious food involved! At Coastal Concierge we “grill outside the box” with our “Summertime Grille”. Your barbecue can combine the relaxed feeling of a typical grill with a chic twist.

Bonfires on the Beach (or in your backyard)

A perfect way to spend a summer evening is bundling up with your favorite sweater by a fire on the beach or celebrating that special person with dinner on the beach! Just add a s’mores tray and you’re all set for the night. We can also do bonfires in the safety and ease of your backyard.

A Traditional Seafood Bake

Coastal Concierge is thrilled to partner with friends from Buoy One this summer on “full-service shore dinners” where the clambakes are as traditional as you can get. These are also a great way to transition your dinner party into the early days of fall.

This has been the year of celebrating the special people in your life and past occasions missed.
Spending the last days of summer on the water will certainly be one of the highlights of your summer.
Whatever way you choose to enjoy the last weeks of summer, we hope you are making memories with the ones you love.