We Give You Peace Of Mind!

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We give you peace of mind!

As the summer starts to wind down, schools are getting ready, and Labor Day is just days away, the transition to Fall in starting.

Your busy life starts to take you away from the beach, and back to a schedule filled with school, sports, and all things that fill your time.

Coastal Concierge is here to make sure your home still gets the personalized attention and care it needs and deserves.

Delivering Peace of Mind is what we do best!

We take pride in giving you the Peace of Mind to know your home is being cared for when you cannot be there.

Our goal is to personalize a package that will meet your individual needs.

Our Peace of Mind  package also entitles you to access to all of our other concierge services year-round.

We know you love your house, so let us be there to care from it when you cannot.

Having Peace of Mind knowing that your home is being cared for. We know you love your house, so let us be there to watch over it ensuring that all is safe when you cannot. Let us help to ensure all your home needs are being meet which allows you to enjoy time with family, friends, or you.

Some of our Peace Of Mind services include…..

House Watching:
When you own a second home or are traveling for extended times, and cannot be there it is important to have someone checking on your house. A member from our team will check on your home weekly – ensuring it is safe. Walking around the entire property, check all windows and doors, monitor the temperature, and all alarms, giving your home the attention you cannot during the winter months.

Honey-Do List:
If you are a homeowner, you have a list of pending jobs that need to be taken care of around your home. Put that list together and we will take care of it for you. No job is too small.

We Do It All:
Manage pool maintenance, window washing, plumbing, landscaping, electrical issues, small construction….. even watering all your plants!

Manage any of your homes needs such as painting, care for the oil burner, air conditioner, generator, air filters, and other annual services.

Winterize your Home:
In addition, we are on-hand to help winterize your home with things such as wiping down and putting away outdoor furniture, turning off outdoor water, winterizing your pool and wrapping trees.

Or allow our team to arrange snow removal!

Coastal Concierge is on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergency alarm calls; including managing any service calls needed for emergencies.

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